At Sofa to Saddle, we understand that not everyone wants to be part of a club. It’s OK to want to join in the fun, without feeling the pressure to be involved in everything. That’s why we structure our membership the way we do.

As a member, you’re not committed to join every ride, nor are you expected to help out in any way. Of course, if you want to get involved in any part of it, whether it be as a ride leader or as mechanic, we’d be glad to have you. We can even provide additional instruction, through our affiliation with Cycling UK or British Cycling.

There are three levels of membership, and each option provides you with a fair degree of flexibility for your participation. (You can also become an affiliate member, if you are already a member of a cycling club but want to be able to join in our member-only rides. Please contact us for more details.)

Our mebership plans are as follows: –

This is our base level and is free for all to join.

As a Social Member, you can join any of our #SocialRides, where you will get free pre and post ride checks for your bike and equipment.

You will be invited to participate in our Feature Rides and other special events.

You can also request to join one of our Club Rides, if you’d like to try them out.

You may also get special offers, such as discounted cycling specific insurance from our partners at Velosure. Read more

Your membership will never expire and you will be able to upgrade your membership at any time.

 Places on Club and Feature Rides, or special events are always offered to paid members first.

This is our basic paid membership plan, which allows you to participate in any Sofa to Saddle ride.

As a Club Member, you will be always be given advanced notice of upcoming rides as well as dicounts on any of our feature rides and other events. But it doesn’t stop there. Here’s some of the additional benefits: –

  • join any of our regular Social or Club Rides;
  • FREE membership to Cycling UK (normally £45 per year);
  • discounted booking for feature rides and other events;
  • 20% discount bike maintenance at West Malling Cycles;
  • FREE entry to two Sofa to Saddle Ride Leader or Group Rider training rides
  • FREE loan bike hire, while your own is being serviced or repaired;
  • up to 15% discount on cycle insurance;
  • discounts at other local retail outlets.
  • FREE email address

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All our members are special, and being a Gold Member doesn’t make you any more special. It does however, offer you greater benefits than our other membership plans.

As a Gold Member, you’ll be entitled to all of the benefits afforded to the Club Members, but with a few added extras.

Because some of you will inevitably take cycling more seriously, and some of you take the whole social aspect a lot more seriously, we’re planning to introduce a whole host of benefits that will make cycling more enjoyable, and hopefully, a lot more affordable.

In addition to all the benefits of our Club Membership: –

  • priority entry and bigger discounts on Sofa to Saddle Feature Rides entry;
  • 50% discount bike maintenance at West Malling Cycles;
  • join any Sofa to Saddle Ride Leader or Group Rider training rides
  • FREE email account

These benefits carry additional terms and conditions. You may need to confirm acceptance of these T&C’s prior to activation.

this is the plan for the serious social cyclist.

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Whichever membership plan you choose, the first thing you need to do is register.

Please complete the form below to begin the membership application process.

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