Sunday Social Routes

Our Sunday Social routes are all aimed at nervous or novice riders. Once you’ve completed any of these routes, we encourage you to use them again as often as you can. By regularly using the same route, you will get a better indication of how both your fitness and confidence are improving.

This 10 mile cycle route meanders through Offham to Platt, then via Trottiscliffe, it skirts the villages of Addington and Ryarsh, to return back West Malling Cycles.

Through Ryarsh and Birling, then into the open countryside and Paddlesworth Road, which is our only real climbing challenge on this route. Then it's a drop down into Snodland, a quick visit to Leybourne Lakes, and back to base via East and West Malling.

Cycle Route Image
Out through Ryarsh village, into Snodland, then it's over the footbridge and a quick visit to Leybourne Lakes, before heading back via East Malling.

Cycle Route - Off to the East
This 10 mile cycle route takes us through Offham, via Church Road, a long steady climb, then heads out through the wild and winding lanes of East Malling, before returning through the town to West Malling Cycles.

This 10 mile cycle route takes us through Offham, off around the back of Wrotham Heath golf course, via Wrotham Water to Trottiscliffe, before returning through Ryarsh to West Malling Cycles.

Cycle Route Image
Left onto London Road 0.0 Left onto Sandy Lane 0.0 Proceed onto Norman Road 0.4…

Cycle Route Image
Up through Addington, then back to Ryarsh, where there's a bit of a climb up Chapel Lane, and then it's out into the open countryside to Paddlesworth Road. After dropping drop down into Snodland we head back to base via Birling.

Proceed onto London Road 0.0 Right onto Town Hill 0.6 Continue on High Street 0.7…

Cycle Route - The Short Leg
This 10.5 mile cycle route loops round the back of West Malling Golf Club before heading up through Offham, around Manor park and out to Broadwater Farm, then it's up through West Malling and back to base.