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Booking Rides

Life is much simpler for us if you can use the Bookings system on this website, but we understand that there are times when you have a last minute change of mind and you need to either cancel or book onto a ride, so we have a number of channels just for that. Once you’ve registered here, you can use any of the options below to let us know.


We currently manage two groups on WhatsApp.

Ride Info – for information and invitations relating to rides. This will include any rides organised by our other members. This is where you should put notifications, if you’re joining or cancelling a ride.

Sofa(r) Hart(less) Group – our uncensored, informal chat group. This is unmoderated, unmonitored and if we’re honest, some times a little unnecessary. It’s all with the best intentions, so pleased don’t be offended. This is not the group to post anything important or time-sensitive.

Text your name and number to 07935 066775 and we’ll add you to the groups. Please do not use this number for any other messages.

Our Sofa to Saddle club page on Strava allows you to book onto or cancel your place instantly.

You’ll have access to all our Club Ride routes and rides and you can keep up with what the other members are doing on their own rides.

We’re always happy to hear from you, so feel free to email us at any time, with your thoughts or suggestions for future rides. But if you want us to read your message on the morning of a ride, you’ll need to grab our attention.

So if you’re contacting us regarding a ride on that day, please send an email to info@sofa-to-saddle.org with either Booking or Cancellation in the subject line.

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